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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

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^^^As to lights, invest $100 and buy some china-ball paper lanterns and some color-correct photo-optic bulbs and you'll never be sorry, as they are very useful in a lot of circumstances.

This is my personal set-up for when I'm lighting on my own. Definitely a good place to start. Also pick up some scoops (those clamp lights with the silver bowl reflector) at your local hardware store. They're great for throwing light at backgrounds and adding depth, or if you want a hard light source. Pick up some cinefoil to flag the lights (also works on your china balls.) You can't beat the price.

For lightbulbs, be sure to check out CFLs as they use less wattage and don't get nearly as hot so they are much safer to use, especially in those paper lanterns. If you want to match daylight (and from what I can tell, Trek used a cool color temp on the starships) be sure you have a color temp of 5500k or more.
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