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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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i was actually looking for a "fire all weapons" button to tie to the keyboard...

i know there's a hud one, but it's a click only, i can't tie it to the number pad for some reason... very annoying when i'm setting up phasers and torpedoes on the fore of the ship and want to open up everything i've got towards the enemy

i'm currently using 1,2,3 for my Fore weapons, and 4,5,6 for my aft... that way i'm just hammering the num pad with my three fingers while steering with the mouse lol

I just learnt today that you can enable autofire by right clicking on the weapon's hotkey button (dull green border appears around the hotkey button, turns bright green when its actively auto-firing). So now, all my phaser cannons are automatically fire on my target the moment they are able to, leaving me to concentrate on launching photon torpedos and quantum mines.
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