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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

intrinsical wrote: View Post
I have a noob question. Right now I am struggling with piloting the ship in combat as my left hand is busy mashing hotkeys for special attacks or buffs while my right hand is holding down the left and right mouse button to turn the ship in the direction I want. Its very cumbersome holding both mouse buttons and I was wondering if there's a better way?

Trek wrote: View Post
I have a new favorite tactic in my escort:
Pummel with Rapid fire cannons (Mix of Phaser, Phaser-Quad and Heavy-Duty Tetrion)
Hit with a high yield torpedoes

If the target is still standing as you fly past:
Activate Dispersal Pattern Beta
Deploy quantum mines
Hold Target in place with Tractor beam until mines activate and obliterate them

That's my tactic too, except I don't use tractor beams. I just carefully time the release of my quantum mines.
I am doing it the otehr way around, I have been forever used to using WASD for steering and just click the powers I want... it is probably not the best way to play MMOs, but I get by like that and dont get a cramp in the hand...

Alternatively you could change the steering key bind to a single mouse button?
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