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Re: Does It Get Better???

been a while since you've read the classic death of the Phoenix Exodus.

Jean had been neutered by Shi'are surgeons, where after she was nailed by an automated defence system while Lillandra was playing silly buggers with the X-Men on the Blue Area of the Moon. She walked into a death ray, sacrificing herself because she felt the darkness inside her rising but...

Or are you talking about one of Jeans many other's deaths, or is this about Rachel?

I got bored half way through Morrisons last arc an adjectiveless.

Lundley, I was told while watching Scorpion for the first time as we were all chuckling "What the hell are the Shadows doing in Star trek?" that Voyager was using the same CGI production company as Babylon 5, for at least a short while either side of Anika's premiere.

If it was the same people doing the same SFX work, no wonder the scenes in contrast looked identically familiar?
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