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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

at the very least, lose the turret in favor of another beam array. Helps with broadsides (how you need to approach fighting in a cruiser, as they can't turn for shit). Turrets are only good for escorts, gets a little more DPS into the frontal attack.

If you want a little more punch up front, could move one of the beam arrays to the back and get a dual beam bank for the front. Firing arc isn't as good, but better damage. There's also a penalty for using different weapon types, so since you've got a couple phasers already, might be better to get rid of the plasma beam in favor of one more phaser array.

Other than that, you level so fast that it's not worth wasting much in energy credits on better gear. You'll find enough to keep going, or can get cheap stuff on the exchange to get along until the next level.
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