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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

11. Darling Companion (D)

Darling Companion: Not content to simply be sappy, middlebrow entertainment about a woman who loses her dog and the journey she undergoes to find him again, this film goes the extra mile. Cringe-worthy subplot about a gypsy psychic? Check. Total lack of conflict between the characters? Check. Waste of an excellent cast (i.e. Kevin Kline on his hands and knees acting like a dog to scare off a pair of wild rams)? Check? Insane, unmotivated dream sequence that takes the form of a cartoon? Check. I know its hard for actors over a certain age to find work (and this film has a slew of great, older performers), but, damn. I know Larry Kasdan's career hasn't been gangbusters since the mid-1990s, but even a flop like Dreamcatcher had its charms. This has none of that. It's time Kasdan went into retirement, and let us remember his earlier, better films. This won't be in release for a few weeks (if it ever hits theatres), but definitely wait for the DVD so that you can savor the film's awfulness at home.

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