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Re: Doctor Who, first time through

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Hober, are you only going to watch the existing stories, or will you also seek out the soundtrack recordings for the missing episodes?
I'm planning on scouring youtube to see what I can find. I can't really spend any extra money, so I'm limited to what I can find on Netflix and youtube, or wherever else on the net. Unfortunately, there's only five or six Troughton story arcs available; I'm not sure what I'm going to do there, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. It's gonna be a while before I get through the Hartnel episodes. Luckily, Netflix seems to have all of the complete Hartnell stories.

If nothing else, maybe you kind folks can give me short synopses of missing stories when I come to them, if I can't find any audio or fan reconstructions on the net.

Also, there should have been a 2-parter tacked on to the end of The Daleks, "The Edge of Destruction" which is a key episode because it set up a number of elements of the series some of which paid off in 2011.
Interesting. "Edge of Destruction," part of the "Doctor Who: The Beginning" set, is the next DVD in my Netflix queue, right after some crap my girlfriend ordered. You say it's only a two-parter? That kinda sucks. But if it's a key episode, I'll watch it carefully.

There should also have been a 30-minute condensed audio version of the missing story "Marco Polo--"
Looks like it's on youtube, or at least a part of it.

--which if nothing else would help bridge the gap between Edge of Destruction and the next complete story, Keys of Marinus (which I warn you isn't particularly good, but the season gets better after that).
That one's in my DVD queue as well, and "The Aztecs" is streaming, so I won't have to wait for that one in the mail. Actually, I think most of the Pertwee and Tom Baker stories are streaming, so once I get there, I'll be able to watch more than one story every week or two.

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Also, you can find fan reconstructions of the missing stories on Youtube or Dailymotion
I'll scout out Dailymotion to see what they have. Thanks.
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