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Re: Does It Get Better???

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How vile. Must all your posts be that way, Guy?

So imagine you're in an eva suit adrift in open space. Your ship is no where in sight. You're running out of air. You're going to die. And then the girl in the spacesuit 2 feet away holding your hand says "Don't you know I love you, it's always been you."

What exactly do you think is going to happen for the next 4 hours before you're rescued or die?

Yes, I'm disgusting, yes I'm not funny, I have no illusions, but in what outrageous mirror universe do we think that Tom and B'Elanna didn't "try" to consumate their new relationship "somehow" rather than just wait to die?

And that's my proccess.

Of course, it's a lie to say no one could hear whatever they were doing.

Maybe a game of Trivia?

But the computers in their eva suits would have complete logs of everything they "said" from start to finish of thier adventure.


UNless they erased their logs.

Then Tuvok would ask why exactly that happened?

Such a can of worms.
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