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TOS Product ideas

ThinkGeek recently put out a great TOS door chime (link) which I ordered two of before the first run sold out.

That got me thinking of a few other products that would be pretty nifty:
  • a TOS communicator with bluetooth (petition)
  • an iPhone case based on the TOS communicator, with a flip grill (petition)
  • an iPad case based on the TOS pad that Kirk "signed" (petition)

If you'd be interested in any of them (or even if you wouldn't be) "sign" the petitions to let ThinkGeek know they'd have a market.

I've seen some TOS bluetooth communicators on eBay, but they're going for over $300 which is too rich for me and I've seen some "how to" videos, but that's too much time for me, I'd rather a company make it and I buy it for $50 or so.
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