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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

TheGodBen's Rise Review (*)

This review is kind weak, there's very little insight to the episode it's reviewing and hardly any humour at all. It's really just a list of likes and dislikes from the episode, with me liking the character stuff and disliking the plot. I didn't go into much detail for either of those areas, which is partly the fault of the the episode that was being reviewed being not all that interesting. I can understand the difficulty in trying to be interesting when writing about a subject that's not all that exciting, but I expect better from me and I let myself down with this review

I also think I was too lenient about the shuttlecraft counter, it's highly unlikely that Voyager picked it up as it seemed like a wreck, but I let the show get away with yet another shuttle crash because I didn't want to rock the boat too much. That displayed a serious lack of backbone, I feel. At least I had the balls to count the torpedoes properly. Also, while it's not technically part of the review, this was the post where I started referring to the Doctor as Shmully, which was a nice bit of continuity that remained throughout the thread.

The review itself was overshadowed by Jaespol's rude attitude towards neogothboy74 because of his choice of avatar. Jaespol, if you're reading this somehow then I'd like you to know that you were quite a character, but it would be a mistake to try and make a dual and come back because you will fail.

Torpedo counter use: 5

(Yes, I checked.)
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