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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

Went to Drozana Station to see if Methos needed help with Spin the Wheel. Oh my, lots of newbs running around trying to figure how to rewire the replicators. :-P Should we invite people to the fleet or just wait until they stumble across TrekBBS?

Played a little Dabo but wasn't having much luck. After Spin the Wheel, saw that some of the fleet were at ESD so went there. Everyone was doing their own thing. Oh well, Doc Lee upgraded to the new FED fleet uniform. It's good.


Doc Lee have used phasers and photon torps all along. He was my Fed purist. Now two steps away from VA and thinking about switching to tetryon. Since the skill changeup, exotic weapons are more affordable point wise. Any thoughts on a sci off using tetryon? Style of play is to try to knock down the opponent's shields then hit them with Tyken's Rift or Gravity Well. Photonic Shock wave is fun to use, but don't like letting an enemy get that close (within 3km). Thanks.

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