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Re: What are your current computer's specs?

Closing in on two years old:

Core i7 930 with a modest overclock (never have luck with my overclocks)
MSI X-58 Pro mobo (and this might be the reason, but it was a really good bundle deal at the time)
12GB of memory.. Patriot brand, no clue of the model
Intel 80GB SSD
3x RAID edition 1TB hard disks in RAID 0, I forget the brand, and yes, I expect my data to all be corrupt any day.
3x Samsung 24" 1920x1200 monitors
Razer Lycosa keyboard ever (not that great)
Mionix Naos 5000 mouse (best mouse ever)
Steelseries 9HD mousepad
Random 20 dollar dvd writer
Steelseries 9HD mouse pad
Some 70 dollar logitech 2.1 speaker system
Wireless adapter for Xbox360 controllers
Antec 850w power supply, whatever the one is that they put 'racing stripes' on
And an unwieldy mess of external USB2 and eSATA hard disks.
Win 7 Ultimate, because for some reason the Windows disk thinks I'm entitled to the Alienware OEM version... I wonder how that happened
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