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Re: Farscape - now available on Blu Ray and Amazon deal of the day

^ Thanks.

I haven't rewatched the Peacekeeper Wars mini.

Recently (about a year back or so) I rewatched the entire series via Netflix streaming - Netflix didn't have the mini on streaming. Don't know if it ever added that. I think it's midway thru season 3 that they made a major change in the shooting quality. I think it's the episode where everybody is interviewed separately in a "confession-chair" that everything just kicked up several notches. Or am I getting confused as that being the appearance of the straight-haired pigtailed and always radiant Aeryn Sun!

Also I was surprised by how long the arc in season 4 is. Everybody takes shots at s4 cos of it's uneven beginning eps but right from the point of Unrealized reality it was amazing...

Edit - Amazon says it's for only the next 10 hours or so. So hopefully people who want to buy it get it.
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