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Re: What are your current computer's specs?

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two dual core AMD Opteron Processor 275
2.21 GHz 3gig ram

linux box lap
and a xp box lap

these are all archaic things I have dual monitor outs in the main thing 2 24 in flats...

the cores are 64 bitters so it is like 4 sixty for bit processors. but even still rendering movies is like pulling teeth sometimes..this is like a three or four year old machine that I have been using for that long. I have decided not to get into machine coding with it because the machine architecture as been reworked into... something different..

it is really annoying cause the processors bit structure will not run some 32 bit compiled fractal programs so rather then redesign a whole new fractal program at machine level I have decided to ,,, wait for something to change to make it easier like the conceptnet5 going on..
My God, even when the topic is straight forward you're incomprehensible.

My computer was a quad core Q6660 Intel with 3 GB of DDR2 ram and a GTS 9600 video card. Unfortunately, it died last Thursday. Power supply went, caused a chain reaction that took out the motherboard and processor. It was four years old, time to get something new...

I'm currently researching a new build and have decided on:

Intel i5 2500 (i7 is more expensive and not really worth it for me).
GTX 560ti video card
1TB hard drive
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