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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

Congratulations to any newly promoted adjutants...
Some changes on KDF side as well with the House of TrekBBS.
Kaziarl will from now on be the XO of the house.

House ranks go as follows:

Recruit, Warrior, Officer, Junior Fleet Master, Fleet Master, First Fleet Master (XO) and Head of the House.

Rank priviliges are the same as on Fed side.

We don`t really have much of a House of TrekBBS going atm, so if you want to join us there as well, let us know.

As such the house bank is very limited right now.

Also, I have created a place holder uniform I am not really happy with it though.

For that reason I have decided to have a uniform design contest.

Create a KDF uniform for The House of TrekBBS.

Only two requirements:
1. No C-Store components, it has to be doable with just standard parts.
2. Similar to the current fed uniform it has to have a TrekBBS color scheme.

We will vote on the winner when all entrys have been made.

I will create a seperate threat for this as well.

Winner will get a rare surprise from the fleet bank (on fed side)

Edit: Thread created
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