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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

Well, Bond fans got their money's worth with Miss Fields, I'd say!

I recall, when I saw Quantum in theaters...when Bond and Fields were making out, guys in the audience were cheering.

As for, they didn't make out--but the ending seems to imply that she wants to...but they both know they have to go their seperate ways, and any relationship would conflict with that.

There's the slight implication that she'll be back someday, though.

(I will say...I recall a Maxim interview where the actress mentioned a "bed" scene Cammile did have with Bond. Perhaps it was cut from the film after she gave the interview...?)

NOW--to Skyfall. If Naomi's character is a female agent, there's a good bet M would not take kindly to Bond and her in bed. After the last film, that didn't go so well for Miss Fields.

It's nearly a guarantee Bond will carry on with the "glamorous and enigmatic" mademoiselle, though....
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