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Re: Tabulated review threads sorted by average score

Alrighty, as promised earlier I went and added little vote distribution graphs to the "Voters" column, to better visualize what exactly goes into a score .

For example, a book in the middle of the pack might be there because voters predominantly picked "Average", or it might be a polarizing specimen that garnered both "Outstanding" and "Poor" votes. Whichever is the case is apparent at a glance now. The Children of Kings is a good example of the latter at this time.

Edit: Forgot to mention: On the topic of the poll grafts, I did a little more brainstorming with Rosalind and think that it should actually be possible to add polls to existing threads without the cumbersome merge maneuver after all. However, we might still want to reply to them after adding a poll to encourage votes by previous posters, to offset the effect Rosalind mentioned, and thus still requiring throttling to once per week. That said, I'm holding off on this for now and waiting for more feedback first.

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