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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

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Ooooo, got a fleet promotion

I assume the new Fleet uniform is intended to be career field-specific, and not blue for everyone? Or are they now blue for all? Think I'd prefer still doing red/gold/blue for the colored part, and keeping the rest common. That's how I set mine up, then came back here and noticed that all yours were blue. I just like the look of this uniform in the red and gold colors as well as blue, but if anyone else has an opinion...

I prefer wearing colors to match occupation, but I don't have a problem with a common fleet uniform. (especially since it's blue and Doc Lee is science) I normally use the regular colors with the away team so it's easier to track them as they run around doing their thing.

Doc Lee wears the fleet uniform when representing the fleet, but he wears something else when off duty or just running around. He sometimes wears a teal All Good Things or a TOS medical uniform.

I suppose you could have a tricolor uniform but most look hokey. Regardless, I think the uniforms should be easily identifiable to other players that any TrekBBS fleet members are from the same organization. Looks like the new fleet uniform will do that.
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