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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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Bond always seemed to trust M in CR and QoS

So, Eve isn't Moneypenny...


Although it could still be misdirection.

Sigh, just for once I'd like it is a Bond girl didn't say "I'm a new kind of Bond girl, more 007's equal" in her interviews...face it, love, you're there to look pretty, probably shag 007 and possibly die a horrible death...
In the old films there seemed to be three women for those parts. The first the nameless pretty one he's shagging before the opening chase. The second who may or may not be a traitor but will die, likely will be shagged before her end. And the last one who was with the villain, but falls for Bond and escapes with him and will be shagged if it hadn't happened earlier. Have they changed that format?
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