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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Around 4pm GMT+1, Doc Lee put on his cleanest fleet uniform and headed to Starfleet Academy hoping to get in a little recruiting for the fleet. The place was almost a ghost town and no sign of anyone new. Ah, perhaps they were at Earth Space Dock. However, no such luck. No sign any new people. Perhaps it was too soon.

Doc Lee returned around 10pm GMT+1 and checked the official party schedule. He then headed to Drozana Station. He invited the other fleet members online, but no response…

Drozana Station had a hot dance party going on. Doc Lee did his best Justin Howard (air guitar) imitation for the Massively host, but he didn’t seem impressed. Except for the host, Doc Lee was the lowest ranking individual at the party, everyone else was Vice Admiral.

So in summary, in 3 hours of online play split between two time periods, only one new person was encountered. That person was the Massively host. I can only assume that sometime today or tomorrow, the new players will be finished downloading the game. Of course by then all the F2P parties will be over…
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