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Re: Does It Get Better???

Day of Honor: I liked Seven of Nine's development in this episode, among other things...I liked how she tried hard integrate with the crew, despite the hostility that some of the crew members showed her. I thought the way she shrugged off verbal attacks, as if they meant nothing, was pretty amusing. We also saw development for Tom and B'Elanna's relationship. I think they have quite a bit of chemistry with one another, so I liked seeing their relationship move forward.
Despite the bad things that they did, the aliens for this episode were very sympathetic. They were obviously desperate and in need of food and supplies. It just goes to show you that desperate measures make people do desperate things. In the end, everyone was happy. Voyager's warp core was returned, the aliens received whatever it was they wanted, and Tom and B'Elanna were saved.
All in all, a solid above-average episode with good character development and interesting aliens-of-week.
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