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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I would respond to some of your points, Anwar, but you would probably just continue to call me a hypocrite and tell me that I am being completely unfair to the Borg in Scorpion. So, with that said I will move on to another episode.

The Gift: A nice farewell to Kes. I thought the ending, with Kes leaving the ship and transforming, felt a bit rushed, but it was still effective. I liked the way she cut ten years from Voyager's journey by getting them out of Borg space.
I didn't care a whole lot for any of the 7 of 9 scenes. She was very whiny, and just repeated her "We are Borg" line over and over.
All in all, a decent offering.
I disagree about Seven.
Her reaction made more sense than how Huge acted.
She acted like someone who's been brainwashed reacts when taken out of that environment. Like an addict going through a withdrawal. She acted like someone with post traumatic stress disorder. Her re-action was the natural one, unlike Huge who just stood there with a stupid look on his face waiting to be fed like a pet. Hugh never even thought enough to try and gain his freedom. How could the Borg conquer anything with Drones so docile?
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Kim is the most killed off character in all of Trek, seriously. He took more punishment that Chekov, Georgi and O'Brien combined!
I thought Janeway had him beat?
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