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Re: Thoughts on merging/melding B5 and ST technology

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Regarding shivkala's last point, as a fan of fighters (both real and fictional), I vote for keeping the Starfuries.
I do, too. I just wanted to point out that it would be a drastically different type of ship Starfleet has if you account for fighters. That being said, in addition to how much I love the Starfury design, I think having fighters allows a writer to use more creativity when detailing space battles. Star Trek battles between two ships are rather limiting, whereas two ships, plus their fighters allows you to add details about the capital ships and the fighters.

DigificWriter wrote: View Post
Since I'm essentially building a new universe that melds the two franchises together under the 'Star Trek' moniker, I have the flexibility to redesign/retool all of the various races' technological capabilities at will. The initial idea I had was to make pre-UFP Earth ships - with the exception of the Enterprise - more on the technological level of the Earth Alliance from B5, except for the addition of gravity tech, warp capability, and primative shielding, phaser, and torpedo tech, but what I could do is make all of the Earth ships besides the Enterprise almost identical, tech-wise, to the B5 Earth Alliance and make the Enrerprise's tech more similar to what we are familiar with from ST, which could help distinguish it as something special.
The Enterprise could be something similar to the Whitestars and the Excalibur, a joint collaboration using know-how from the First Ones and retro-engineering the rest based on what's known about First One technology.

Anwar wrote: View Post
Hmm, like I said xenophobia doesn't make a lot of sense since it was the aliens helping that Earth recovered as fast as it did from WWIII.

But I can see the crew being xenophobic could be a plot element of the internal feuding between the Xenophobic "Stay to Earth" guys and the more open-minded ones: Once the Government decided to approve the deeper exploration missions the Xenophobes pulled strings to make sure some of the ships would be crewed by their own choices, with the potential hope being that their exploits would either result in anything they find being for Earth's advantage and Earth alone, or negative results which they could use to shut down the Deep-Space mission altogether.
Or, have rumors spread of alien influence on the part of parties such as the Eastern Coalition. Of course, you could have that being true, as almost assuredly, agents of the Shadows would be involved, sowing the seeds for the return of their masters. Then, you could have a group that feels wary of any alien help.

I'd say go with the Vulcans, because the Minbari are too isolationist at that point. The Vulcans can be a "failed experiment" of the Vorlons: They taught the violent but powerful Vulcan people the way of logic and control and banished the original Vulcans who disagreed with this (the Romulans) meaning the Romulans are closer to "True" Vulcans than present-day Vulcans. But the Vulcans' couldn't be totally brought under control as Vorlon Vassals like the Minbari so they withdrew their support and left them be. The Minbari and Vulcans have a sort of "estranged brothers" relationship as a result.

The Andorians should be the toughest military guys on the block, perhaps the Narn are in a junior alliance with them (the Narn are weak partners) and still have their Cold War with the Vulcans.
This might work better than the Narn being like the Cardassians. The Narn would be more akin to the Bajorans than the Cardassians.
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