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Re: Tabulated review threads sorted by average score

Thanks guys .

On the topic of adding more threads to it, there's a few notes to make, and bullet number two needs your input:

  • The data mining component of this currently filters the thread list for those having "review thread" in their titles before loading them up to look for poll data, to avoid having to load all of them (which would be a lot, especially on the first run to assemble the initial thread cache: it did look at all 140 pages worth of thread list in that case - on subsequent runs it only asks for a day's worth of activities of course, which is the shortest queryable timeframe). If you know of any threads featuring standard polls missed by this, please tell me and I'll add them!
  • There are various review threads that don't have a poll. Grafting polls onto them is possible, but inconvenient: According to Rosalind she can't add polls to existing threads directly, so to add one to the new The Rings of Time thread I had to open a second, poll-equipped thread, which she then merged into the older one. Now I'm willing to do this work for other threads, but it means a new reply (due to the merge) pulling them back to the front, which might be annoying, especially if done all at once. Maybe one per week? How do you all feel about this? And the mods would need to support it too, of course.
  • I also like Defcon's idea of occasionally opening new threads for old books, perhaps as a sort of community re-read initiative inbetween new releases.
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