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Re: *~Enter: DS9 Avatar Contest 159!!

Episode: Kira does her best sour-lipped Vulcan matriarch impression, but she's no T'Pau.

DS9 Theme: I loved the Ferengi prayer scenes. Getting the Ferengi right is tricky - they're at their best when the comedy stems from their serious side, that is, the manner in which they act seriously, rather than through actual goofing (a few exceptions like The Magnificent Ferengi aside). The prayer scenes work to make the Ferengi seem like a genuine culture and actual people, while also being funny due to the particular slant they've put on their spirituality.

Random Theme: Okay, this came out poorly but I like the scene so I'm keeping it. Another Babylon Five entry - the pak'ma'ra cadet at the back has fallen asleep in meditation class. Then again, the human looks slightly resentful and the Minbari is distracted, so maybe its actually closest to the right idea?

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