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Re: Thoughts on merging/melding B5 and ST technology

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Well, the 3rd World War in Trek did a lot to change things. Mainly, the idea (postulated by Trek/B5 fans who do these fusion universes) is that the war pretty much wiped out the MegaCorportations and most of the more corrupt elements of Human Governments. That the survivors were brought out of the dark times by benevolent aliens did a lot to nip xenophobia and pro-human forces in the bud.

There are still Anti-Alien groups like Terra Prime around. So the MegaCorps and Xenophobes would have less power in the fused universe.
Culturally, I'm seeing this version of Earth as being equivalent to the Earth Alliance from B5, with a single united government, but with everyone still retaining individual cultural identities.

I also figure that there are folk in the hierarchy of the UEAS (United Earth Alliance Starfleet) who would advocate Earth cutting ties with alien powers (either the Vulcans or Minbari, depending on which superpower makes more sense to have been our 'first contact') and staying fairly 'close to home' in our exploratory efforts, but that they're more or less overridden by the people who want to explore and have us take our place in the wider universe. I also figure that there'd be xenophobic - or slightly xenophobic - folk in the crew of the Enterprise, which would be a great way to play off of the tension of having either a Vulcan or Minbari representative onboard the Enterprise.

BTW, I'd really like some opinions on which species - Vulcans or Minbari - would make for a better 'first contact', and, if it were the Minbari, how you'd go about offsetting where I'd like Earth to be technologically with the Minbari's super level of technological development and the influence they would undoubtedly have on the development of Earth's space-faring tech.

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In my fanfic (an alternate take on Enterprise) the ring part of the ringship was originally intended to rotate to provide pseudo-gravity in the living areas by means of centrifugal force, much like on B5's Omega class destroyers.
Hmm. I could go with the idea of all of the Earth ships besides the Enterprise having to generate gravity through the use of rotating sections (ala B5), but that begs the question of where you'd put the rotating sections on the Daedelus, DIY, and Hyperion-class ships. Anybody got any ideas on that front?
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