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Re: Doctor Who, first time through

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I wouldn't even call that theory a retcon - it seems to be what was presented on screen at the time. After all, the first Doctor changes radically and becomes much closer to the more familiar character, even before the first regeneration.
Interesting. As I move through the rest of the Hartnell-era (or, at least, through the complete episodes Netflix has) I'll be watching for the Doctor's development.

Also, a tiny point; it's Davison, not Davidson.
Ah, thank you.
VDCNI wrote: View Post
I'm not a fan of the Daleks but their first story is very strong - Nation is great at ideas and pretty solid on the action stuff but struggles with dialogue and the Thals are pretty nothing characters - though Philip Bond does some good stuff with his more cynical Thal and he and Jackie Hill do a nice job with the potential romance given that there's not really much there in the script.
My Netflix DVD actually skipped during the scene in which the Doctor and Ian remove a Dalek from his sausage casing so that Ian could climb inside. Did we actually get to see the Dalek at this point, aside from the rubber glove under a blanket we see a moment later?

Your retcon is pretty much fan consensus - that travelling with humans changes the Doctor and the next story is a major factor in that development though Barbara is just if not more important in that than Ian or Susan. There's also an element that the Doctor and companions had to be more pro-active eventually as there is a limit to the stories you can tell when all they want to do is get back to the Tardis.
Yes, it would make for an uninteresting series if the main character didn't really want to, well... be the main character. Sort of like Captain Pike from the first Trek pilot. I liked Hunter as the captain in "The Cage," but he was more of an anti-hero to Kirk's hero. No matter what happened to Kirk, he never questioned whether or not he wanted to or should be a starship captain.

Looking forward to the Doc's character development.
Emh wrote: View Post
Huh, interesting theory. I've read many fan theories on The Sixth Doctor's demeanor (including Colin Baker's take as developed in the Big Finish audio plays), but I have to say I kind of like it. I'm not going to agree with it but it's interesting nonetheless.
It was just my ignorance about regeneration. But it'll be fun for me to see that scene again in light of what I know now about the Doctor. It's been probably twenty years since I've seen that episode.
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