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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Psycho IV actually featured Joe Stefano's version of Norman Bates' childhood in flashback, but it wasn't really that great.
I thought it was the only one of the sequels that was worthwhile. For one thing, it was the only one that went for an intelligent psychological examination of the character rather than reducing it to a cheap slasher flick. For another, I very much agree with Stefano's motivation behind telling the story, which was to show that mental illness is treatable and healing is possible, unlike the second and third movies which treated Norman as incurable just so they could imitate the first film.
Interesting. I disagree, though. I thought II was the best sequel, in part because it did show him as cured until the very end, when he was broken down by the relentless persecution. I thought it was a very sympathetic and poignant portrayal of Norman. III was well directed, but lacking in story (although it did have its moments). IV had some good ideas, but was rather bland-- and if I remember correctly, the timeline seemed rather fudged. I did like the "present day" portrayal of Norman, though.

And there was another pilot for a show called Bates Motel back in the 80s-- it was about a guy who inherited the property after Norman died, and rebuilt it... only to discover it was haunted (it seems like it would have been a Love Boat kind of show).
That was just a pilot? Funny, I could've sworn it was actually a short-lived series.
I'm almost positive it was just a pilot, although that could just mean that I only watched the first one.
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