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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?

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If you want to know why the TOS movies were better, just look at the plots: the stakes were higher!

TMP - stopping Earth from being destroyed
TWOK - stopping the Genesis weapon
TSFS - ok, not very epic except for getting Spock back
TVH - stopping Earth from being destroyed
TFF - Enterprise getting hijacked, kinda interesting
TUC - peace between Federation and Klingons

GEN - stopping a guy from destroying a planet no one's ever heard of
FC - stopping Earth from being destroyed - that's why this one is the good one!
IN - saving some aliens on a planet no one's ever heard of
NEM - I honestly can't remember...Picard's clone wanted to kill him or something? I think the biggest problem with this one is that they cut out all the character developement bits and the plot didn't make any sense
Even though some fine movies have been about saving the Earth, I usually prefer ones that are a little smaller and more personal in scope than that. To me there's something too imbalanced about a handful of characters rescuing billions of people.
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