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Re: Thoughts on merging/melding B5 and ST technology

Since I'm essentially building a new universe that melds the two franchises together under the 'Star Trek' moniker, I have the flexibility to redesign/retool all of the various races' technological capabilities at will. The initial idea I had was to make pre-UFP Earth ships - with the exception of the Enterprise - more on the technological level of the Earth Alliance from B5, except for the addition of gravity tech, warp capability, and primative shielding, phaser, and torpedo tech, but what I could do is make all of the Earth ships besides the Enterprise almost identical, tech-wise, to the B5 Earth Alliance and make the Enrerprise's tech more similar to what we are familiar with from ST, which could help distinguish it as something special.

BTW, I was really looking towards B5 more for technological influence than anything else, but actually like the idea of introducing some of the B5 races into the picture, although I'll have to sit down and think about how I'm going to do so, especially in terms of warp, weapon, and shielding tech... unless anyone has any suggestions.
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