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Re: Ferengi Corporations

I always rather hoped that we'd see the Ferengi developed in to the sort of reflection of ultra libertarianism, the logical conclusion of the views that some people hold in politics today, that almost everything that can be privately run should be privately run, including the obvious ones like medicine, but also things like social security, the police force (think militias protecting business for money), the education system, etc. etc.

I guess there simply weren't enough episodes to give them this sort of depth, though.

It would have been amusing to see one Grand Nagus claiming to represent some percent of all Ferengi one week and then a different one pop up the next week after a series of hostile takeovers on the homeworld made him the new "planetary CEO".

I always found the whole Ferengi social reformation a little hard to swallow, surely the best way to promote social change in Ferengi society is to set up a competing society 'megacorp' and attract your competition's clientele with the offer of clothes and medical care for low low prices!
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