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Re: YouTube to launch professionally produced channels

AdAge has an enlightening article on the topic. What jumped out at me:

-Video uploaders/channel owners are expected to do the work of managing their own communities. That makes sense - YT doesn't have the resources to babysit that squalling horde. Let's hope the pro producers understand that they're not just producing video, they're also inheriting a mass of foul-mouthed kiddies of all ages.

-Just as I suspected, YouTube doesn't really expect pro content to take over. It's just a way of establishing relationships with big advertisers by offering them something familiar. Maybe the pro content will just turn out to be a blip, but by then the YT ad sales people will have the right cards in their rolodexes, so who cares?

In an ideal universe, YT would love to get Ford to advertise on cat videos (and who's to say that wouldn't work just as well as advertising on sitcoms and cop shows?) Cat videos are free for YT, and pro content costs them money.

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TV is full of absolute s#! te nowdays, with companies broadcasting the cheapest and most lackluster plot s#!te ever just to try and get the publics attention... who cares about good storyline, actual plot continuity or characters you actually like?
Don't get your hopes up. YT's list of pro channels is heavily reality-TV, celebrity/lifestyle and comedy. Not much scripted drama (maybe not any, it's hard to tell).
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