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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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Here are the Couch and chair I recently bought
I'm envious. Those look very comfy.
Indeed. I like those a lot.

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A box of Tampons, a bottle of Viagra, and one pak of condomds.
Is it one of those "Find the odd one out" kind of things?
Too funny.

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Paradise Lost by John Milton

Translations of Plato's Republic and The Caterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer.
Chaucer translated The Republic at some point?! I never knew that! (or am I misreading what you've written?)

Some good reading you have there. The Republic is fascinating as a case, even if you disagree with many of its conclusions. Canterbury Tales can be genuinely funny (rare in a historical text) though other parts are a bit duller. Paradise Lost? I'd just advise you to persist with it, even if you occasionally find it hard work. It's worth it.
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