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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Kicking off my 2012 list:

1. Edge of Darkness: A
2. Star Trek: The Motion Picture: B+
3. Repo Men: B-
4. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier: B-

Still going through my TOS Movie Blu-Ray set and this film is one I've not seen in nearly a decade. It's one of those films I actually like better. I feel it, or I, have aged into it. My prior ratings of the film were much worse. One of things that may influence my opinion of the film are the commentaries and interviews about what they wanted to do, especially with the ending. How Kirk was, in the final shooting script, going to have to battle a sequence of Rockmen to escape. The test footage was fun to watch with the one Rockman suit.
The camaraderie of Kirk/Spock/McCoy really about parallels a type of triumvirate friendship I myself now have.
The story still has it's weak points with specifics about the plot but the overall family feel between the crew and their dedication to each other shines through.
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