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Re: Once More, With Feeling: my big Buffy/Angel canon rewatch/reread/r

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You know I was going to quit this board today but now I guess not.
Really? Glad that you've changed your mind.

Reccurring actor in another role; Carlos Jacott as Ken who'll later turn up as someone different in Angel and TSSC
I remember him from the Firefly pilot, and he was also a demon new husband of Doyle's ex wife in AtS. Always seems to play similar kind of smarmy deceptive guys.

Surely a girl as attractive as Buffy could get a better job than waitress in LA? (Xander later wonders the same as he wants to know if Buffy met 'any nice pimps on her travels'?) 'Pretty Woman'? Belle du jour? Weren't Hooters or Spearmint |Rhino hiring? She's in LA, what about Playboy? (or would that mean Xander would be certain to spot her?). Ok I'm not entirely serious but honestly when did you ever see a girl as pretty as Buffy working as a waitress except in TV/Movies?
Yes, all the time. It's not like being a pretty girl guarantees a good job, there are plenty of attractive women out there and good jobs are hard to come by. It's not like modelling agencies are hiring every pretty girl... especially not those modelling agencies that aren't just a cover for prostitution. Waitressing seems to be just the most likely job for a teenage girl with just 3 years of high school education like Buffy.

What is the alternative, prostitution? Um, that's not a step up from waitressing. Most people consider it the opposite, to put it mildly. Xander has a dirty mind, but I'm guessing that neither he nor you are seriously thinking that Buffy would consider becoming a prostitute.

With her skills, I guess she could be a body guard or martial arts trainer, but that would be too much like her old calling which she wanted to get away from (and the latter would require acquiring some training certificates, which requires some time; the former would certainly draw attention when a girl her size demonstrated her strength to prospective employers - that would be fun).

I wonder if she ever resorted to stealing before she found a job - she did let Faith talk her into robbing a store in Bad Girls, plus there's that shoplifting past mentioned in the Becoming flashback ("I meant to pay for that lipstick").

Plenty of fanfic with Buffy and indeed any or all of the Scoobygirls turning to prostitution over the years, my favourite ends with Revello Drive being turned into a high class bordello with Joyce as the madam and then eventually the same thing happening to the post-Chosen Slayer academy. [COLOR=#006699][/COLOR] if you're over 18 and VERY open minded.
Huh, I guess there's all sort of fanfic out there. Whatever floats people's boats.

Of course having now watched Dollhouse you wonder if Joss would actually be quite keen on the idea, especially after watching the scene with Eliza Dushku as a dominatrix.
Well if he wanted to portray Slayers as nothing but brainwashed slaves used to portray rich people's fantasies, then I guess I could see it...
Cordy refers to Xanders exes who are almost all demons, Preying Mantis, Mummy Girl, Dru in BBB.
Dru isn't exactly his ex, or attracted to him when she isn't under a love spell that affected all the women in the town, they don't all count as Xander's exes. Now that you remind me, Xander has really kissed just two women before Cordy, as far as we know? And they were both demons. Cordelia isn't at this point, but as a high school resident bitch, she kind of almost fits the bill.
Xander nails his third vamp with some help from Cordy.
Sounds kinky.
(to judge from the comics and Dawn's chopstick story she always knew Buffy's secret)
I don't know if those comics are considered canon, though there's nothing that contradicts them. Remind me what the chopstick story is.

One thing that does occur to me is that the weapon used by Buffy during the slave revolt (the wonderfully named hung-munga) actually resembles a hammer and sickle at some angles. I'm sure it's just coincidence but if this were the 50s I'm sure Joss would be hauled before the un-American activities board.
I'm sure it's not a coincidence.
Treason, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

my Buffy/Angel rewatch
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