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Considering all the great moments in The Original Series - be it: humor, action, suspense, intrigue, drama, or what-have-you - which scene, or single 'snap-shot', do you personally consider as:

'The Single Greatest Moment in TOS',... and more importantly, why ?

I'll start the ball rolling with my own personal 'winner'; though I must admit, it is only by an extremely thin margin that my personal vote does not go to KIRK's narrow escape of the booby-trapped Starship via a malfunctioning transporter in Norman Spinrad's, 'Doomsday Machine'.

My personal 'winner' is contained in 'ARENA', by Fredric Brown/ Gene L. Coon, wherein KIRK defeats the GORN, via the make-shift cannon on Cestus III.

Although both the 'Doomsday' and 'Arena' escape scenes have a high level of tension and consequence of failure - as both scenes rely on same dramatic device, that of playing 'beat-the-clock' - yet I feel the Brown/Coon scene wins by a nose for its use of having the added dimension of requiring KIRK to construct his own method of victory/escape, through sheer ingenuity and resourcefulness, ala' McGyver - while being chased no less! - rather than solely relying on the tension of being beamed-up in the nick-of-time; as effective as that is on its own.

Again, while it is an incredibly close-call for me, I personally must give my award to: KIRK defeats the GORN, via the make-shift cannon on Cestus III, as the SINGLE GREATEST MOMENT IN ALL OF TOS.

What scene or 'snap-shot' do you give your award to, and why?
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