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The "Shatnerverse" what do you all think-recommend or no

Hi all,

Wanted to see what you all thought of the "Shatnerverse" series of novels, with Ashes of Eden and so on. I have never read any of them but wanted some opinions before looking into it more. It is my understanding Kirk is revived after Star Trek generations and actually does not die with William Shatners take on the whole deal?

Honestly I hate that idea with a passion of Kirk being revived and really think his death was important and tragic and a resurrection is like countless others in fiction and I hate the idea that important characters can never be killed off because writers never have the (excuse my vulgarity) "balls" to do so because of how fans will react or other various reasons.

Now I haven't read these novels so I can't judge it just on that concept but as I am one of those fans who was satisfied with Kirk's because these novels revive him would I be upset? Or would I maybe not think of it as so bad because it does it in a good way? Is it a good storyline nontheless? Also since Shatner's novels aren't within the continuity of pocket books where do they fit into the Star Trek Universe?

Thanks all hopefully can have some good discussion.
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