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Re: Does It Get Better???

I watched first Star Trek The New Voyages recently, a high budget fanfilm series, and in the pilot, there's this woman with godlike powers who is saying things to Jim Kirk like "Cardassians" and "Borg" and the "Dominion".

How do you think Kirk would have fared against the Changeling?

Has there been such a massive leap forward since 2365, that Janeway could manhandle the Enterprise of that locus, just like those Borg were manhanding Enterprise back then? ...Possibly, maybe?

Look how O'Brien and Defiant danced rings around Kirks Enterprise.

There's no question that the Federation is closing the gap, it's merely a question of if the federation can surpass Borg technological Superiority before the Federation is assimilated because they are a less sophisticated society ill equipped to defend themselves.

Rates of change.
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