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The point is, Chakotay agreed to let Captain Janeway run the show. The Maquis respect Chakotay as a leader, and they respect the decision that he made. Chakotay used to be in Starfleet himself, and he understands and believes in Starfleet's principles. More often than not, Chakotay and Janeway were on the same side of an argument.
I think it's fine that they did this and it fits in to the background of Chakotay well. But considering the character was so badly underused it would have been better if the writers would have added more scenes of Chakotay interacting with random Maquis members who were disgruntled by some of Janeway's decisions. He was supposed to be really good with people, right? It's enough for me to accept that he talked down any simmering tensions and proto-rebellions. It just would have been more believable if they had shown us some of this happening.
Sure, I can't disagree with you here. I think the execution of this particular plot point was a bit lacking -- they definitely could have done more with the Maquis crewmembers -- but even if they had done more, I think the ultimate results would have been the same.
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