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First off, think of a different frigin argument, you people can never come up with anything original....

Second, you're comparing Anne Hathaway to Heath Ledger? Bitch, please....The dude is an Academy Award Winning Actor...Celebrated for more movies than just TDK. What's she done? Take her clothes off?....Yeah..That's about it...

Yeah, we'll see how things turn out. The movie will be worth the watch, but if it sucks for any reason whatsoever, it'll be her fault...And you all know it....

Fact (Of The Horrible Actress Variety)
That would be the same Anne Hathaway who shared the screen with Ledger in Brokeback Mountain? Who held her own opposite Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada? Who got an Oscar nomination for Rachel Getting Married? Who hosted the Oscars last year? Who got a Golden Globe nomination for Love and Other Drugs? And a British Independent Film Award for Becoming Jane?

Yes. Clearly famous only for taking her clothes off.

Oh and Ledger was only an Oscar winning actor after he'd been in TDK, not before. So at this stage, yes, Anne's career is comparable to his, as is the carping of fanboys this time round.
First off, fuck you, I'm not a fanboy.

Second off, held her own in The Devil Wears Prada??? A chickflick....Okay then, I didn't realize that we were now giving credit to movies that only morons watch....

And since when did hosting the Oscars mean anything? Seriously, I am so damned sick of you Anne Hathaway apologists. She cannot act and is going to slaughter the role of Catwoman. Get over it.

Seriously, child, get your act together. You are acting (and lashing out) like a 10 year old. The only one here needing to get over anything is you and your overreacting to what is only a movie. Slaughtering a role? You act as if it's the end of the world, what with all the fuss you're making about it.
Now, you're using quite some foul language here, so I think it's about time you either acted like an adult, or find some other place to vent your frustrations, but let's try and leave the mouth at the door, ok?
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