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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

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Which what just about every sentient being in the universe said about Heath Ledger as the Joker. Yeah, that one really backfired too. Let's see how things turn out, ok?

First off, think of a different frigin argument, you people can never come up with anything original....

Second, you're comparing Anne Hathaway to Heath Ledger? Bitch, please....The dude is an Academy Award Winning Actor...Celebrated for more movies than just TDK. What's she done? Take her clothes off?....Yeah..That's about it...

Yeah, we'll see how things turn out. The movie will be worth the watch, but if it sucks for any reason whatsoever, it'll be her fault...And you all know it....

Fact (Of The Horrible Actress Variety)
Wow... I mean, really wow. That is what your entire reasoning is based on? That she took her clothes of in one movie? Have you even seen some of the work she has done outside the Princess Diary movies? This woman has proven that she can act, just as well as Heath Ledger has. Maybe she didn't get an Acadamy Award, but there are hundreds, if not thousands of actors and actresses out there that we consider proven thespians (yes, big word, I know. Look it up) who have never won any kind of award.

So many actresses have been naked on film. Hell, Hally Berry took her top of in two movies, and she has one of those little statues that set your standard for how well someone can act.

PS: Anyone who uses a 'bitch please' in an discussion, should really not get involved in grown-up talks.
QFT. Especially the "PS".
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