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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Don't like how that works sometimes. Damned green light blinks until you accept it, but if you don't have any slots, it's tough. I did a recruitment mission, and didn't get back anything special. Didn't have room to accept them, and didn't really want them anyway. Had do drop other white DOFFs and then accept these ones to clear the blinking light. Needs to be a way to just drop the mission (even if complete) if you don't want the reward.

Ran into similar problems with BOFFs on another toon. Got promoted through the DOFF system a lot, and then ended up with a bunch of new BOFFs. I had a roster full off blue/purples, and didn't WANT the offered DOFFs, nor the Mk VI gear, but couldn't drop the completed mission, either. Ended up having to sell a blue DOFF, accept these white ones one at a time, then drop them, then accept the next one. Annoying...
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