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Re: Ships Of The Starfleet Museum

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I think that Epsilon IX was referring to in-universe. And I agree that they could have existed alongside with the ship classes of the NX-Project. Perhaps ships of the UESPA were used mostly for defense and exploration prior to the Romulan War...
The UESPA craft I would consider to be mass produced, with perhaps the NX-ships being very limited runs--or nonexistant in the TOS timeline. I can see Kelvin coming from them.

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The more that I look at Masao's designs for early Romulan craft, the more that I appreciate how alien that they look...they have been in space for thousands of years, so it is reasonable to assume that (Romulan) technology is some of the most advanced in this part of the Milk Way
I think the ringship motif--starting with the Declaration type art but presented as efficent Vulcan designs look to be what Romulans changed a bit with Cabbage. Not agile but good in a straight line. They might have had trouble with tube type nacelles, which might be thought of as the warp equivalent of tank treads in allowing sharper turns. I think one could make the arguement that a cloaked Cabbage might have dropped off the original Bird of Prey off before its nacelles were fitted out for warp travel--explaining the "simple impulse" line. No warp drive due to fear the technology would be stolen forced the Romulan commander to have limited options--at least that is one in-universe suggestion. If plasma torpedos can be entangled in an enemies warp field when retreating--it might be best to be on the safe side.

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OTOH, this WAS started with the original Romulan Warbird, and the same thing was done with the ENT-era Warbird.
The Capsize class would have been a much better fit. The ENT era warbird looks more like something a refit ST:TMP Enterprise would encounter...Speaking of the Capsize--that would be a good project to see next.
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