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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Okay, my 2 Cents on Amy Adams as Lois:

Basically, I'm okay with it. She's a good actress, she's got the basic look (although I have to say, most Hollywood actresses could play Lois if it came down to looks).
Admittedly, I had several other actresses in mind for the role (Jennifer Carpenter, Summer Glau, even Winona Ryder, but then, I consider her for almost any female lead I think about).

I don't think Adams is particularly hot. She's cute, but not hot.

And I say that as a good thing, because I don't think Lois should be hot. Cute, yes. Feisty, of course. Attractive, sure. But not hot. She's Lois Lane, not Wonder Woman.

That's also the reason why I couldn't stand Erica Durance for SV seasons 4-7. She was presented as a hot babe, and that's not what I consider Lois to be. Luckily, they changed that from seasons 8-10 (or at least, toned it down).
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