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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?

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If you want to know why the TOS movies were better, just look at the plots: the stakes were higher!

TMP - stopping Earth from being destroyed
TWOK - stopping the Genesis weapon
TSFS - ok, not very epic except for getting Spock back
TVH - stopping Earth from being destroyed
TFF - Enterprise getting hijacked, kinda interesting
TUC - peace between Federation and Klingons

GEN - stopping a guy from destroying a planet no one's ever heard of
FC - stopping Earth from being destroyed - that's why this one is the good one!
IN - saving some aliens on a planet no one's ever heard of
NEM - I honestly can't remember...Picard's clone wanted to kill him or something? I think the biggest problem with this one is that they cut out all the character developement bits and the plot didn't make any sense
Let's try that again:

TMP - save the Earth
TWOK - stop a madman from using a single shot superweapon that could whack one planet
TSFS - save comrades
TVH - save Earth
TFF - deal with a religious fanatic
TUC - avert a war
GEN - save a planet with millions of inhabitants
FC - save the Earth (again) and the Federation (presumably)
INS - keep some people from being relocated against their consent
NEM - save Earth...again
ST09 - save Earth (yet yet yet again) and the Federation

When you look at it that way, the scope isn't the issue.
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