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Re: Ferengi Corporations

I think that I have trouble seeing the Ferengi having corporations now that I think about it. It seems that the ideal of Ferengi culture is to be profitable no matter the cost to others. That theory makes it difficult for me to see Ferengi pooling their resources and working together long term to share the profits.

I can see a few Ferengi coming together for just long enough for their venture to make a buck and then turning on each other to become the one guy at the top who controls all the profit. And then only if they are family members to begin with. I can almost see that has being what happened to Quark and Rom, they worked together to get the bar started but there was no real question that Quark was the owner Rom the employee--and if Rom didn't like it, he could try and find work the other way around.

Through my (possibly limited) understanding of free market of pure capitalism, corporations are not really part of the free market system. Instead of people competing to get their share of the pie, a corporation pools the resources of many to get the whole pie before anyone else gets the chance. As I understand things, real capitalism is a bunch of mom-and-pop stores on Main Street, not an unregulated Wall Street. So maybe the non-corporation having Ferengi are better capitalists than we are.
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