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Re: Did the alien design on Voyager just get lazy?

Therin of Andor wrote: View Post
Because you seemed to be claiming that each alien makeup could only be counted once, in order to prove your point? And it was my attempt to clarify, because you didn't seem to understand my points.
Ok. I thought it was really obvious from my previous post, but maybe not. To clarify:

We saw a large number of alien species with bumpy foreheads (or some variant thereof). We saw only one, or perhaps a couple, alien species with horns, or crazy hair, or what have you (still don't remember anything resembling fins or gills at all, but I may just be forgetting someone). And I was questioning why that is; why were there so many bumpy foreheads and so few of each other thing, rather than some of each?

Each individual species CAN only be counted once. My point was not about how many times an alien character that had a distinguishing feature other than a bumpy forehead walked onto the screen. My point WAS about how many different species there were that all had some kind of lumps on their face as their distinguishing feature. So no matter how many times the Kazon appear, they - collectively - count as only one entry for "crazy hair." Naomi only counts as one entry for "horns". So I'm asking, instead of TONS of face and forehead lumps, and only one or two of each of these other things, why not a moderate amount of each?

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