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Re: "King's Speech" director to take on "Les Miserables"

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That said... while it makes me feel better about her casting, it still leaves me very unsure for one reason. She does the haunting, quiet stuff really well, but "On My Own" turns from that into a BIG massive orchestral song - a chance for the singer to absolutely show off her pipes. You could change it of course, but that would be a real shame at least in my mind.
That would be a shame, indeed.

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Sadly, I suspect they'll cut "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables." It's a lovely song, but it doesn't really advance the plot. And it slows things down just as, in theory, the movie is heading for its conclusion.
That would make me sad. I got the chance to see the traveling Broadway production the other night and I was struck by just how much I like some of the quieter songs in Act II.
The Act II is amazing. I really never understood why people dislike Act II, and it's songs.

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Intermissions are a thing of the past.
Yeah, tis true. The most recent movie I saw with an intermission was the Director's Cut of Kingdom of Heaven - and of course that wasn't released to theaters.
True, but I think an Intermission would be nice just to get up off my butt and use the bathroom. Titanic was 194 minute (3 hours 19 minutes) and I was really ready to go to the bathroom.

Dances with Wolves was the last movie I saw at the theater with an intermission, but I still think it would work. Just so long as there are no seat stealers.
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