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Re: Shaping a Cardassian--"Among the Dragons" -- Edited

Chapter 25 -- Day...I lost count

Days started to blend—everyday chores, problems and little victories filled my life. What used to be astonishing and surprising became normal and usual. I started to grow into Cardassian life, juggling between my exams at the Military Academy, my service aboard the Roumar and my life as a wife. Another proof that Cardassians weren’t monsters, but just...people. Different from us, humans, but people.

It wasn’t always ideal. And I sometimes missed my home and Earth, but the longer I was on Cardassia, the more home it felt. The kids were born and their wonderful presence sealed my fate as a “naturalised” Cardassian.

Tavor was sweet and caring. We had our share of quarrels and conflicts, but never anything to shake the base of our marriage and threaten with destroying it.

The kids came to this world not without problems, but their presence and lives made it worth every risk I had taken. Chumi was growing to become a wonderful, smart and elegant woman; she cherished her Indian heritage and proudly wore her saris and a bindi in her chanth. Tarin was a happy, active and naughty boy, who made more more laugh than angry. His protectiveness of his older sister was an indication that when he grew up, he’d be as caring as his father. I loved them very much.

Who would have thought that my place on Earth was on...Cardassia Prime?

The End
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