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Re: Tabulated review threads sorted by average score

Well, another way to look at it it is that with 2.68 being the lowest score and the range going from 1-5, people seem to generally be relatively happy about their TrekLit .

Though it's interesting to note that many of the poll options may be relative rather than absolute, i.e. "Above Average" might not satisfy the question "Is this a good book?" but only "Is this a good TrekLit book?" depending on the reference frame people adopt while voting. So technically you probably can't really derive a general level of satisfaction with TrekLit, except that "Poor" is, well, poor in an absolute sense, so general dissatisfaction would be visible. Then again, it's probably moot - people who generally dislike TrekLit are unlikely to vote here. So TrekLit-relative poll options make good sense.
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